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A Trip to Tropical Bermuda

Located just a few hundred miles off the eastern coast of the US, Bermuda is rightfully considered one of the most accessible and enjoyable island getaways. Its distinctive British charm and enticing climate combine with calypso music and pink sandy beaches to make this elegant little island a truly unforgettable experience.

My trip to Bermuda in 2005 was exciting for a few reasons. First, Bermuda is the closest I’ve ever come to being somewhere genuinely “tropical.” Second, it was my first – and so far only – cruise experience. Finally, this was the trip I discovered my love of karaoke! For all these reasons, this particular trip was an especially memorable one for me.

The Cruise

Our all-inclusive cruise allowed me the chance to really branch out and try some things I’d never experienced before. At the many shipboard restaurants, I enjoyed my first tastes of exotic dishes like escargot, frog legs, sushi, and more. Perhaps best of all was karaoke night, when my cousins and I absolutely brought the house down with our renditions of “Love Shack” and “Paradise by the Dashboard Light!”

Unfortunately, our vacation was in September, which is actually the heart of hurricane season. As a result, our time actually spent on Bermuda was cut a little short as stormy weather threatened to head our way. Despite that, we still managed to have a blast exploring the beautiful island in the few days we had.

The Island

True to expectation, Bermuda really is an island paradise. Given its crescent-shaped beaches and stunning turquoise water, the most obvious thing to do is lounge on the beach and enjoy the surf. Of course, there’s plenty else to explore, as well!

Beaches. With its powdery pink sand and plenty of facilities, Horseshoe Bay is the epicenter of beach life on Bermuda, for locals and visitors alike. The snorkeling here was absolutely incredible! There’s even a sheltered cove right next door called Horseshoe Baby Beach with waters so calm that it’s suitable for toddlers or people who want a perfectly relaxing float in the water. A bit farther around the island is Tobacco Bay, where we got to entice the fish into arm’s reach and watch them swarm around us in a feeding frenzy!

Crystal Cave. Even out of the sunshine, Bermuda delivers amazing sights with the Crystal Cave. This gorgeous cavern contains a floating wooden bridge, where visitors can look up to see ancient stalactites, and then look down to see stalagmites beneath at the bottom of a perfectly clear, 55-foot deep subterranean lake.

National Museum of Bermuda. Located in the largest old fort on the island, this maritime museum contains exhibits on Bermudian history and treasures from ships wrecked on the many reefs in nearby waters. Also in the area is Dolphin Quest, an educational program that lets visitors interact with these amazing animals.

Other Activities. For such a small island, there are countless things to do. Given so many boating and fishing opportunities, we spent a leisurely afternoon on a catamaran cruise. Popular sports on the island include water sports, horseback-riding, and golf, as well as British favorites like cricket and rugby.

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