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Wandering America

The beauty of the United States lies in its incredible diversity: scenery, culture, entertainment, geography. With so many different climates and people, a journey across America is almost like traveling across several distinct countries.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been to places in every region of the States. Despite having seen so much, there is still so much more to experience! I have a long list of places to see in the future, to make more memories to add to the ones I’ve already made.

The Northeast

The epicenter of American history, the Northeast boasts a proud and unique culture all its own. Shaped by the rugged coast, tough winters, and ever-present seafood, the Northeast has its own mystical countryside, as well as exciting urban centers like Boston and New York City.

As a native of the Cape, of course I have a special fondness for this part of the country. With family all throughout the area, I’ve made many memorable trips to New Hampshire and Maine as a child.

The Midwest

In many ways, the Midwest is the quintessential heartland of America. It is largely defined by rolling agricultural fields, the Great Plains, and Great Lakes coastline, interspersed with towering business hubs and gritty Rust Belt towns. Even the language here is considered by many to be classically American.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Minneapolis and the sensational Mall of America. Someday, I would also very much love to experience “The Windy City” of Chicago.

The South

Tejano, bluegrass, jazz, Jimmy Buffet “gulf and western,” Delta blues…the sounds of the American South are as varied as the land itself. Proud of their history and the enduring heat, southerners are warm and friendly. I think visitors to the region will appreciate all kinds of delicious home-style cooking, outdoor sports, and a generally laid-back lifestyle – like I did!

On my travels throughout the South, I’ve played in Disney World in Florida; wandered the harbor of Baltimore, Maryland; and visited San Antonio, Texas, home of the fabled Alamo.

The Mountain West

Vast deserts and the great Rocky Mountains form the backdrop of the American West. Dominated by a strong individualist streak, the region is known for its rugged cowboy culture punctuated by the unexpected: places like over-the-top Las Vegas and quirky sights along historic Route 66.

Of course, we can’t forget the breath-taking scenery. I have been to the top of Pikes Peak near Denver, and witnessed the immensity of Hoover Dam outside Vegas. I still dream, though, of seeing the Grand Canyon!

The Pacific Coast

Some of the nicest weather, most beautiful scenery, and coolest cities are found on the West Coast. From sunny SoCal, all the way up to Alaska, the Pacific coast has beautiful beaches, artsy enclaves, techie suburbs, amazing music, snowy mountains, and so much more.

So far, my experience with the West Coast includes the Los Angeles area, where I saw Disneyland and all the glitzy sites of Hollywood. I also have visited (and fell in love with!) quirky Portland, Oregon.

Islands and Caribbean

Aside from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, most of the islands east and south of the US are not actually American. Still, their close proximity, gorgeous climates, and intriguing cultures make them popular vacation spots for us Americans, and truly fascinating places to visit.

The closest I’ve come to tropical island life is a cruise to Bermuda. In addition to the awesome snorkeling and perfect pink sand, we got to experience that other old standby of summer Atlantic island life: the threat of a hurricane!

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