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About Lindsey Stone

A compassionate human services professional, Lindsey Stone has dedicated her career to helping others. Having spent several years in her field, she has worked closely with individuals with a variety of disabilities and from a range of backgrounds. These experiences have left her with an appreciation for the everyday challenges faced by people with disabilities. Today, Lindsey Stone leverages her keen people skills to help autistic youth and children learn to interact more fully and meaningfully with their families, friends, and communities.

Lindsey Stone launched her career in human services at May Institute, a national nonprofit specializing in working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders. During her time at the Institute, Lindsey Stone helped developmentally disabled individuals build life skills in nutrition and personal care. Upon being promoted to senior program specialist, she also trained staff in the development of individualized service plans (ISPs) for the organization’s clients.

After more than two years with May Institute, Lindsey Stone joined a Massachusetts-based organization focused on working with adults living with learning disabilities. As a case manager there, she continued her work in developing ISPs for clients. In doing so, she broadened the skill sets taught to her learners to include money management, basic household maintenance, and other skills critical to persons striving to live independent lives.

Today, Lindsey Stone works for a Massachusetts-based company that provides personalized care, behavioral assessment, and instruction to children and youth with autism spectrum disorders. Using applied behavior analysis (ABA) and applied verbal behavior (AVB) techniques, Lindsey Stone helps young people develop their communication skills in intensive, home-based training sessions. This instruction builds her learners’ confidence, encourages them to more easily and successfully express themselves, and helps them open up to their peers and others in the world around them.

A crucial aspect of Lindsey Stone’s current work is sharing her skills and knowledge with the families and caregivers of autistic children. Through such collaboration, she helps ensure that her learners’ development continues beyond lesson time. Such ongoing, cooperative efforts between her organization and these children’s loved ones often results in rapid improvements in learners’ abilities and sense of self within their wider communities.

Beyond her work helping others, Lindsey Stone enjoys exploring cities, cultures, and food around the world. To date, she has visited cities throughout the United States, taken a bus tour in Ireland, and explored Portugal, and Spain on a self-guided tour. In the future, she intends to travel more widely to visit her ancestral home in Sweden, as well as places in Africa, Asia, and Australia. Closer to home, she enjoys vacationing in quieter locales in New Hampshire and Maine.

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