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A View of Niagara Falls from Every Angle

As one of the most massive cascading waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls is among the top natural tourist draws in North America. Every year, over eight million people come to the US-Canadian border to view the breath-taking waterfalls.

Because it is a popular destination for tourists and nature enthusiasts, as well as a huge hydroelectric producer and commercial site, the Niagara Falls area is exceptionally well-developed. Over the decades, park officials and business interests have managed to strike a balance between its natural and economic offerings. As a result, measured against other waterfalls elsewhere in the world, there are comparatively many unique and amazing ways to experience these particular falls.

The View from a Boat

On both sides of the border there are several boat tours available that take visitors right up to the base of the plunging waters. From the bottom of any of the three Niagara Falls, guests experience the thunderous crash and intense whirls of unimaginable amounts of water flowing from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario.

The View from the Banks

Well-maintained boardwalks and trails line the Niagara River in the vicinity of the Falls. Aside from providing picturesque strolls along the water, these walkways allow visitors to get up close to (and practically under!) the cascades themselves.

The View from Above

Several scenic bridges span the Niagara River, and offer up stunning views of the river and its falls, as well as the gorgeous park land surrounding them. A bit downstream from the Falls, the famous Whirlpool Aero Car on the Canadian side takes intrepid visitors on a hanging cable car ride over the impressive Niagara Whirlpool.

The View From Behind

There are even ways to see the Horseshoe Fall from behind! Tunnels winding through the bedrock lead visitors to decks at the base of the cascade, as well as to a couple of observation portals directly behind the vast curtain of water.

The Historical View

Several area museums in the area document the history and geology of Niagara Falls. For an especially memorable look at Niagara Falls, Ontario’s Niagara Parks agency has put together an intense, Universal-Studios-style show called “Niagara’s Fury,” which recreates the geologic origins of Niagara Falls, complete with rumbling platform, snow and mist, and a 360-degree panoramic screen.


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