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Two Great Cities in One Great Place – New York, New York in Las Vegas

Picture the most famous sights of classic New York City: the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty. Now envision them all shrunk down to a third their normal size and neatly arranged onto just a few city blocks. Finally, imagine seeing it all at nearly 70 miles an hour from a crazy, looping roller coaster!

That is the experience at New York, New York, one of the most distinctive hotel casinos in Las Vegas. Inspired by the unmistakable skyline circa the 1940s, this resort boasts a mini replica of Grand Central Station, New York harbor, and countless other famous New York sights.

There are a number of great shops and restaurants here, as well. Chocolate lovers will be most taken by HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD Las Vegas, which features two delicious stories of everything a chocoholic can imagine. The hotel also houses other specialty shops like gag-gift retailer Stupidiotic, a SoHo fashion boutique, and the popular I Love NYNY gift shop.

There are also a dozen eateries featuring classic New York fare such as pizza and hot dogs, as well as plenty of other options. A special favorite among visitors is the Nine Fine Irishmen, which is always a great place for a drink and some singing.

Of course, like any respectable Las Vegas destination, New York, New York houses a sprawling casino (which features little apples instead of hearts on its playing cards!). The resort offers several other attractions, too. The 200-foot-high Big Apple Coaster runs both inside and outside the hotel, and is a great way to see the complex – if you’re interested in seeing it upside-down in less than three minutes! The hotel also hosts a pool, golf, and lots of shows, including the unique Cirque du Soleil production, Zumanity.

The hotel is currently undergoing a significant renovation. Most of its attractions remain open as its famous Brooklyn Bridge landmark is being restyled to become the focal point of a new plaza. Surrounded by shops and cafes, the open-air space is slowly transforming into a fantastic place to sit back and enjoy a snack while watching the very colorful and eccentric people of the Las Vegas Strip wander by!


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