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Exercise and Education at Garden of the Gods

Pikes Peak isn’t the only draw for visitors to Colorado Springs, Colorado! With its towering spires of red sandstone and jumbled landscape of giant boulders, the Garden of the Gods one of the most popular attractions in the area.

The well-kept park boasts nicely paved roads for driving tours, as well as countless trails that allow adventurous hikers to get up close to the park’s famous balanced rocks, stone arches, and distinctive “hogback” formations.

Photographers won’t be disappointed, either. The weird geology and surrounding forest create an oddly alien landscape full of unique photo opportunities. Even better, distant Pikes Peak itself is a picture-perfect backdrop for many lovely shots here.

Garden of the Gods can be more than just another stop on a sightseeing tour, though. In fact, it is a fantastic place to get in shape and learn about the natural world. Several educational and fitness programs are held weekly at the park, many of which are free. Visitors to the area (and locals too!) should definitely consider taking advantage of these excellent events.

Get Fit

For those aiming to kick-start healthy lifestyle changes, “Get Fit in the Garden” might be just the thing. The program is about four years old, and meets every Wednesday at 9:00 AM in the Visitor Center. This is a chance for people to meet up and take one of three vigorous walks of varying lengths from one to three miles. Afterward, walkers gather back at the Visitor Center cafe for a light snack and good conversation.

Get Informed

Visitors with a genuine interest in learning about the park’s unique geology and wildlife should take advantage of the Guided Nature Walks provided for free by knowledgeable park staff. The tour follows the spectacular Central Garden Trail, ensuring guests that they’ll catch some of the most stunning sights the park has to offer. These tours last about one hour, and depart daily at 10:00 AM and again at 2:00 PM.


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